What You Must Know About Root Canal Treatment

Our teeth are supposed to support us all throughout our life. However, due to many different reasons, some of our teeth may get damaged or have cavities. Sometimes, they may get infected accompanied with excessive pain.

If such oral issues are not properly treated by dentist, then your teeth may become too weak and your mouth can swell as well. In such conditions, your dentist may suggest you to go through root canal treatment to rid of the problem permanently.

In root canal treatment your damaged pulp will be removed by opening the tooth, it will be cleaned, shaped, filled and sealed again. Depending upon the condition of your teeth, necessary medication will also be prescribed to you by your dentist.

People who undergo root canal treatment for the first time, often get scared about the whole thing, especially when they hear from the experience of others. Therefore, in this article we shall try to unravel this mystery by explaining various steps that follows while going through this treatment procedure.

Before going any further, let me tell you that root canal treatment does not cause any kind of pain, and all it does is give you relief from your problem.

What is root canal?

If you look at the cross section of any healthy tooth the upper surface is the enamel of your teeth. After that there is a layer called Dentin and the space below it is called pulp chamber, which houses the root canal and pulp. The pulp also includes nerves, blood vessels and connecting tissues.

When this pulp becomes infected or inflamed then we need to undergo root canal treatment. Infection can be caused due to various reasons like root fracture, chipping, cracking or sometimes due to gum diseases too.

Due to any of the reasons as mentioned above acute inflammation may develop in the pulp and there can be swelling and pressure may develop inside your teeth. Patient may suffer excessive pain in his tooth, and if it is not treated then mild to severe pain may continue and become a chronic problem.

When you are in such a condition, then it is right time to visit any dentist Fort Worth. Most of the dentists are usually trained to perform root canal procedure. However, only the specialist will take up this procedure, so that the patients experience minimum amount of discomfort.

What a specialist will do

Specialists who perform root canal procedure usually take 2 years training on this procedure. They will first of all diagnose your case and try to find out exact reasons of pain. They will try to narrow down to the tooth, which is infected and needs treatment procedure. They will also try to find out about your all past medical history. People who are too nervous to undergo this treatment will be provided sedative.

Steps involved in this procedure

Following are the important steps followed in this procedure

Apply local anesthesia

A thin sheet of vinyl or rubber is placed on affected teeth

Hole is drilled through the surface of affected tooth

Dead and deceased pulp is removed with the help of special instruments

Antiseptic is applied on canals

Canals are shaped, washed and cleaned

Root canal fillings are done with rubber like material. They are heated and compressed.

Filling material is then sealed

After the procedure the patient is given antibiotic.

Finally a crown is placed on the teeth

Specialists who perform root canal treatment are nowadays using various high tech instruments and digital imaging system and ultrasonic cleaners for carrying out these procedures. Therefore, there is no need for you to panic if you are undergoing such procedure for the first time.


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