Know various types of: Manicures, Facials and Waxing

You may be looking to visit for beauty salon for waxing, facial or manicures or may be for over all beauty touch up. Whether you do it regularly or occasionally, you need to understand what types of manicure are, facials and waxing are available to opt for. There are top manicures, facials or Best waxing places in Manhattan where you can avail those services but better after knowing these types.

Types of Manicures

Basic Manicure: Basic manicure is best if you are new at this, the process basically includes the application of cream.oil or lotion, soaking in water, and cutting of nails in your preferred shape and style following with massage.

French Manicure: It is getting a healthy, lustrous and vibrant nails as applying of light, beige or pale pink with white tip for simple and glowing looks.

Gel Manicure: You can get long lasting and without the UV light polish from any one place of those best gel manicures in Manhattan. They are instant and less prone for chipping.

 Types of Facials

Basic Clean up : Removing dead cells and cleaning for initial preparation of intense clean up is included in basic cleanup. First time skin treatment experience is ideal with this type of facials. Whether you want a basic facial or Celebrity facials in Manhattan, you have to look for a beauty salon.

Normal Cleanup facial: You can consider it more than basic and before the intense facial cleanup where the massage time is longer than before and hence gives beautiful, healthy and glowing skin face.

Paraffin: The facials include paraffin based masks along with cream to hydrate the face skin and also work as anti ageing.

Types of Waxing

Eyebrow waxing: For any kind of waxing, you have to look for a wax center in midtown east or in whole Manhattan which should be best for the services. Clearly, the eyebrows are waxed and like that types are categorized initially according to the various body parts for waxing where may different methodology works as to take care of sensitive places in body for safe waxing. If you are considering to go for body waxing , it may be for  whole body at once or may be differentiate into types as by body parts like:

Arm or under arm waxing

Knee waxing

Feet waxing

Brazilian bikini waxing

Complete body waxing

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